After our month long hiatus, our walls have come alive again. iMPeRFeCT Gallery invites you to see what the voices of more than 100 artists look and feel like. That's right, 113 of them responded to join our 8th Annual Germantown Show and it's a stunner!

People from different walks of life, different ages, genders, cultures and of course styles, but they all make art, sometimes against all odds and our lives are richer for it. We are touched and deeply thankful for such a show of support from our creative community for this iMPeRFeCT alternative space in Germantown.

We are also unveiling our new frieze on our facade by photographer Michael H. Koehler. A new art piece on the Avenue!

For the second year, there will be a "Linden's Gift", an annual $500 award, made possible by the generosity of Susan Guggenheim and her family, to be given to an artist for "Best in Show" (as determined by the votes of the participating artists), to celebrate the life of her son Linden Jordan Eskenazi, known in Germantown as LJ.

And in response to popular demand, this year an artist will receive a "Community Award" voted by visitors at large, the amount awarded will be created by contributions from the community.

Opening Night of the 8th Annual Germantown Show.

Opening Night of the 8th Annual Germantown Show.


P. Ann Akif ☆ Sara Allen ☆ Bonnie Bacich ☆ Peter Baroth ☆ Nicole Barrick ☆ Ann Beatus ☆ Mariah Rose Berendt ☆ Shamarukh N. Billah ☆ Calli Blau ☆ Karl Blau ☆ Rosalind Bloom ☆ Taylor Bosworth ☆ Veronica Bowlan ☆ Rose Bradley ☆ Robert Brand ☆ Nina Braum ☆ Chee Bravo ☆ Tomarra Buckner ☆ Birdie Busch ☆ Maryanne Buschini ☆ Berna Can ☆ Jane F. Century ☆ Melvin A. Chappell ☆ Andrew Christman ☆ Angela K. Clark ☆ Jimmy Clark ☆ Brian Coates ☆ Carlos Couto ☆ Chris Covatta ☆ Carlito Cruz ☆ Rya DeMulder ☆ Sydney Devereoux ☆ DONK ☆ Joseph Edgerton ☆ Edwin Einbender-Luks ☆ Ekeoma Ekeleme-Washington ☆ Beth Emmott ☆ Bob Emmott ☆ James Feehan ☆ Helen Feinberg ☆ Robert Finch ☆ Susan Fleshman ☆ Mikhail Forrester ☆ Joanna Fulginiti ☆ Gail Lloyd ☆ Hye Chun Gehring ☆ Gerry Givnish ☆ Grace ☆ Denise Haag ☆ Damon Harper ☆ Gabriel Harrison ☆ Garth Herrick ☆ John Holdsworth ☆ Samira Hughes ☆ Cavin Jones ☆ Iman Jones ☆ Rodney Lee Jones ☆ Oronde Kairi ☆ Paula Kay ☆ Meghan Kelly ☆ Geoff Keston ☆ Carl Kielblock ☆ Cornelia Kietzman ☆ Clara Soyoun Kim ☆ Gloria Klaiman ☆ Tyler Kline ☆ Michael Koehler ☆ Sarah Kolker ☆ Dawn Kramlich ☆ Race Kuhn ☆ Tina LeCoff ☆ Alice Lesnick ☆ Gail Lloyd ☆ Meagan McGinty ☆ Deanna McLaughlin ☆ Traci Meitzler ☆ Gina Michaels ☆ Alex Morgan ☆ Alim Richard Morris ☆ Dove Nasir ☆ Natalie Negron ☆ Maggie Nolan ☆ Mimi Oritzky ☆ Ang Penna ☆ John Phillips ☆ Janis Pinkston ☆ Candice Price ☆ Danielle Reed ☆ Gary Reed ☆ Lesa K. Reisman ☆ Daniel Rhine ☆ Claire Robinson ☆ David Rose ☆ Susan Roseman ☆ Carol Schaefer ☆ Donnas Schaeffer ☆ Zipora Schulz ☆ Tricia Scrutchins ☆ Ruth Seeley ☆ Thomas K. Sharpless ☆ Nancy Shell ☆ Liz Silbaugh ☆ Jessica Szuchyt ☆ James Tafel Shuster ☆ Anthony Tammaro ☆ Steven C. W. Taylor ☆ Ryan Tillman ☆ Bill Timmins ☆ Carol Tinkleman ☆ Art Toulinov ☆ Joe Vescovich ☆ Ben Volta ☆ Nishaat Washington ☆ Michael Williamson ☆ Christopher Windle



Did you know that you can help choose the artist who will receive this newly established Community Award? Come, look around and vote for your favorite pieces of the 8TH Annual Germantown Show, all proceeds will help support the artist with most votes. Hurry, voting ends Oct 5th!

If you can't come to vote but would like to contribute to this truly community prize, please donate any amount with this link by Oct 11th:, be sure to write Community Award on your donation. Thank you! 😍

Our new frieze on Germantown Ave. by photographer  Michael M. Koehler.

Our new frieze on Germantown Ave. by photographer Michael M. Koehler.