In Honor and in loving memory 

of our wonderful friend and neighbor





We are baaack!
After a long hiatus and much love all around, our Artistic Director Renny Molenaar is back with us and we're starting our 5th year at iMPeRFeCT Gallery.

Let's celebrate life! Celebrate art and our artistic community!  61 artists
 responded to our Open Call in September for the 5th Annual Germantown Show and helped us mark this milestone. This is a non-curated, non-judged, non-juried exhibition hung with a lot of love and attention. 

The ReDRooM has the installation "Neanderthal Cartography" by Tyler Klinehe's inspired by the first artists, the Neanderthals, by their early instincts and fractal/organic cyphers. Enough said, come and be surprised.


To new beginnings,
Renny & Rocio



Bob Emmott  *  Dick St.Clair  *  Tam Birchfield Hartell  *  Willard Terry  *  JamesTafel Shuster  *  John N. Phillips  *  Gerry Givnish  *  Susan Mangan  *  Joanne Sharpless  *  Gary Reed  *  Jon Bandish  *  Patrick Morris  *  Leroy Johnson  *  Jon Eckel    Steven Earl Weber  *  Gail Lloyd  *  William Teodeck  *  Gloria Rohlfs  *  Kimberly Connelly  *  Thomas Sharpless  *  Betsy Casaňas  *  Salvatore Cerceo  *  Peter Baroth  *  Beth Emmott  *  Ed Wilcox  *  Robert Finch  *  Deborah Curtiss  *  Johanna Sparks  *  Ann Hudson Peters  *  Angela Klaerner Clark  *  Shinobu Habauchi  *  Tina LeCoff  *  Gerry Givnish  *  Kackie St.Clair    Alan Hartell  *  Paul Horner  *  Pedro Zagitt  *  Howard Garnett  *  Eric Kennedy  *  Lindsey Stevenson  *  Lisa K. Reisman    Garth Herrick  *  Edwin Einbender-Luks  *  Stevie Nolan  *  Beth Tafel  *  Kukuli Velarde  *  Andrew R. Walker  *  Joan Kosloff   Gloria Klaiman  *  Baron Roan  *  Jessica Lowe  *  Rocio Cabello  *  Alex Morgan  *  Jimmy Clark  *  Ruth Seeley  *  Teresita M. Stidem  *  Renny Molenaar  *  Doug Herren  *  Rephael Epstein  *  Paige Miller  *  Cornelia Kietzman