Paintings / Constructed Paintings

We are stardust
We are golden
We are billion year old carbon
And we've got to get ourselves
Back to the garden

Joni Mitchell
 "In the last two years I have been taking stock of previous work, reconstituting older paintings, intaglio prints and the accompanying plates, drawings, photocopies and hand painted papers. These are constructions. They are intentionally artificial, distilled, busy and full of movement. One way to look at these is with a formalist aesthetic. My intention is that these works celebrate paint, surface, light color and pattern.  Another more important insight, is that these works elicit memory, longing, mystery, disorientation, simultaneously affirming and denying logic, perspective and order.

Nature is my muse.  Rocks, water, weather, sky, soil, the Wissahickon, the Hudson Valley, explorations to Oregon and California are my inspiration."  MW



C. P. Krishnapriya   and Narendran are practicing contemporary artists based out of Chennai, India. In the winter of 2016/2017 Krishnapriya co-curated and organized a large-scale Students’ Biennale exhibit in Kochi, Kerala which focused on projects from art students across India. Her exhibition won the Tata Trusts Students’ Biennale International Curator Award.  Through painting, sculpture and video their work negotiates with memory, modernity, language, identity, gender and the futility of urban life. Their installation at iMPeRFeCT Gallery strives to do the same. 

They are in Philadelphia for an on-campus artist residency at UPENN's South Asia Center, the department sponsoring this exhibit. 


Ronniere Spacely front 72.jpg


 Rumba Americano in THe ReDRooM

A visual performance inspired by the abusive relationship Latino culture and heritage has with the oppressive, opportunistic, and gentrifying natures of American Leaders. This will be a live painting performance piece. The creative process and entire execution of the work will take place during the opening reception and will be recorded and edited for future viewing. 

Spacely is a romantic expressionist artist whose work focuses on the documentation of his creative process. Much like a scientist, Spacely experiments without anything more than a conceptual hypothesis and his ability to express himself, his primary mediums are music, video, and paint. His work is inspired by romantic and complex social situations that are often hedged to his personal life.