CAL SCHENKEL  "Anthropomorphic Crankcase"  Recent Works and Historical Perspective

THOMAS CASETTA  "Mix Media" in the Red Room

DEC. 6 - DEC. 27,  2014

Opening Reception Saturday, Dec. 6   6 - 9pm

Cal Schenkel is the groundbreaking album/CD cover artist for icons Frank Zappa, Tom Waits and Captain Beefheart. His art has a playful spirit, mixing abstraction and figurative, often referring to iconic images from his well loved album cover artwork. 

Mr Schenkel’s works include large canvas and panel paintings as well as affordable prints and small hand drawn pieces. He will be on-hand to sign art, album and CD covers.
His art has been noted for having an "idiosyncratic blend of absurdist humor ...for being highly articulate and often wildly narrative." Underground cartoonist Gary Panter dubbed Schenkel the "king of the ragged edge," and Matt Groening ("The Simpsons") has cited him as an early influence. His credits also include Production Design and animation for two feature films.

In addition to the opening, several events are planned during the exhibit. Please check our Calendar for more information.


Those present say Thomas Casetta was born with a 45 of “Louie Louie”  in one hand , while whistling the B-side “Haunted Castle" and duct tape and crayons in the other when his mother finally got him out of the womb. He is usually found championing and curating music on his radio program "Listen Up!" that streams weekly G-Town Radio  

"Mix Media" finds Casetta stepping outside of his curator role for a Red Room installation.