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"Radiant Be-ing"

"This series of paintings is inspired by some Pre-Renaissance altars and paintings I saw on a trip to Florence, in the Uffizi Gallery in 2001. These paintings are not only about the subjects depicted, but also about me and what I’m interested in doing with the formal aspects of painting. 

I want the paintings to send visual cues to the viewer that triggers a visceral response. I see the paintings as objects as well as depictions of a thing. I want the paintings to occupy the same space as the viewer to provoke a physical, spiritual and even emotional response." CJ

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In the GReaT GLaSS eLeVaToR
"Aligning the Pieces:  A Remix vision of Mosaic Art"

"Simple shapes laid in an unspecific or set pattern that creates an intricate mosaic design that allows you, the viewer, to get lost in the details. That’s how I would describe my mosaic paintings.

I encourage you to take the time to get lost in my remixed vision of what mosaics are and can be." IJ 

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 In THe ReDRooM


Pretty Awkward
Micah has always felt a strong, intuitive affinity with the visual world and his drive as an artist comes from a desire to explore and communicate with others creatively, sharing with them the unique lights inside his head. He looks beyond the surface of his subjects, seeing inside to what is intrinsically beautiful and empowering.