MICHELLE BROWN                                 "Something Is Not Quite Right"

FEB. 14 - MAR. 7, 2015

Michelle's show consists of paintings, painted quilts and furniture, whose subjects are mostly symbols of nature. At first one is charmed by their bright colors and patterns, but looking more closely one finds subtle signs that things here are not quite right.


The inspiration for this show was a most unpleasant event in the artist life, when she discovered that the man she had married was a child molester -- a discovery that has given much of her subsequent work its troubling edge.
"Art is a very natural way of healing very painful moments of my life, or a wonderful way to express joy. This show is dedicated to healing my experience with Sexual Abuse. As a young wife and mother, you could never imagine the pain of learning that you are married to a child molester. I must CREATE or I can't breath..."  Michelle Brown

RENNY MOLENAAR                                                                                     "Little Girls And Eight, They Lose Their Flowers Everyday"

A ReDRooM installation grappling with sexual abuse

FEB. 14 - MAR.7,  2015

"Objects are vehicles of meaning, like in fetish and magic or symbols and merchandise, where we endow the objects with their varied attributes, establish rituals, habits and traditions and sort of agree on the value and interpretation of things. Garbage, on the other hand, are objects that lose their specificity and intent, and slowly, through repetition and decontextualization become carriers of unexpected meanings and stories. My work is an effort to trigger our collective memories and our personal stories. I'm a non-story-telling storyteller, a compulsive collector of uncollectables, a painter of garbage - a fool."   Renny Molenaar