"Looking for Justice, Beauty and Love"

Sept. 14 - Oct. 12, 2019

"Linden's Gift"

A Best in Show Award as voted by participating artists

"Community Award"

For Best in Show as voted by visitors at large

iMPeRFeCT Gallery is again honored and excited to invite ALL artists from far and wide and of all types, to participate in our 8th! open call exhibition to kick off the season. Our annuals are organized around the principles of non-juried, non judged engagement, with rigor, camaraderie and celebration in mind.

ARTISTS!!! We want to hear your voices, wether gentle or loud, profound or insane. We wanna see what's moving you... and like always, Thank you for what you do!

... And for the second year, there will be a "Linden's Gift", an annual $500 award, made possible by the generosity of Susan Guggenheim and her family, to be given to the "Best in Show", (as determined by the voting of all participating artists) to celebrate the life of her son Linden Jordan Eskenazi, known in Germantown as LJ.

This year, in response to popular demand, an artist will receive a "Community Award", the award amount will be created by contributions from the community, and voted on by visitors at large. More details soon.

So please join us and share with friends... the more the merrier!!!

❤️ Renny & Rocio


  • Please deliver one (1) piece per artist

  • No larger than 36" in any direction. (Larger works, sculptures, installations and performances must be cleared by Renny, contact below)

  • ALL artwork MUST be ready to hang

  • Sculptors must provide pedestals or solutions for their work

  • Entry fee/contribution $30 per artist

    Drop Off Days: Mon 9/9 & Tue 9/10 (4 - 7pm)

    Pick Up: Mon 10/14 (4 - 7pm) Sorry, we don't have storage

We understand that some artists can't afford the $30 entry fee... We promise not to turn anyone away.. and to that end, we ask our friends, artists or otherwise, to please consider sponsoring an artist in need. Email Rocio about this at rocio@imperfectgallery.com
Thank you!

Opening Reception:   Sat. Sept. 14,    6 - 9pm

Contact:  renny@rennymolenaar.com