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iMPeRFeCT Gallery invites you to what has become an annual tradition in Germantown. The "Annual" is a non-curated, non-juried, non-judged and uncensored practice that has generated some very strong exhibitions, and this one is no exception. Come see the work of the talented artists living among us, that responded to the Open Call.
To all the artists and friends that have stepped up to help the gallery and put together an awesome show, we say THANK YOU!

In THe GReat GLaSS eLeVaToR, painter David Ohlerking will set up a live portrait painting studio for the duration of the show, and starting on Opening Night, he will paint portraits on the spot, of anyone interested. Purchases are not required, but appreciated. Bring the kiddos or another loved one!

This year, iMPeRFeCT Gallery will be presenting a participating artist with a Linden's Gift of $500, created by the Guggenheim Family in honor of their son Linden Jordan Eskenazi, an integral member of the Germantown community. LJ as we knew him, was weighed down by mental illness his entire short life of 33 years and passed away on June 2, 2018.

To make Linden's Gift an enduring presence in Gtown, his family is establishing this annual award for an artist in the Germantown show, to be chosen by the other artists in the show, who will have 2 weeks to cast their 3 votes each. The winner will be announced on Sept 22nd and awarded during our Last Supper on Oct.6.

 Opening Night

Opening Night


Alex Morgan ✶ Anders Fetterman ✶ Andrew Christman ✶ Andrew Walker ✶ Angela Klaerner Clark ✶ Ariel Cohen ✶ Audrey Garrett ✶ Baron Roane ✶ Berna Can Lustig ✶ Beth Emmott ✶ Bill Ryan ✶ Bob Emmott ✶ Camille Peniston ✶ Candice Price ✶ Carolyn Hopper ✶ Cavin Jones ✶ Christopher Windle  Cornelia Keitzman ✶ Daniel Rhine ✶ David Ohlerking ✶ David Rose ✶ Dirty Hippie ✶ Dorothy Roschen Edwin Bethea ✶ Edwin Einbender-Luks ✶ Elena Bouvier ✶ Ellen Benson ✶ Faysal Adger ✶ Gabriel Harrison ✶ Gail Lloyd ✶ Garth Herrick ✶ Gary Reed ✶ Gerry Givnish ✶ Gina Michaels ✶ Gloria Klaiman  Gretchen Lohse ✶ Hayato Matsushita ✶ Jaguar Haze ✶ James Tafel Shuster ✶ Janet Peterman ✶ Janis Pinkston ✶ Jill Saull ✶ Joanna Fulginiti ✶ Joanne Sharpless ✶ Joe Vescovich ✶ John Burke ✶ John N. Phillips ✶ Juan “Carlito Cruz” Adames ✶ Lara Cantu-Hertzler ✶ Leonardo ✶ Liliane Sharpless ✶ Lisa K. Reisman  Louis C. Hochman Lucy Bell Jarka-Sellers Margalit Rose Eisenstein Martha Knox Marton Szabo ✶ Melvin A. Chappell ✶ Michael M. Koehler ✶ Neil C. Johnson ✶ Nina B-B ✶ Peter Baroth ✶ Rafiq Young ✶ Renny Molenaar ✶ Rephael Epstein ✶ Robert Finch ✶ Robert Kafes ✶ Robert Platt ✶ Rob Mooij Rocio Cabello ✶ Rosetta Bradley ✶ Ruth Seeley ✶ Shinobu Habauchi ✶ Simone Spicer ✶ Sue Patterson ✶ Tahirah Coleman ✶ Tina LeCoff ✶ Torie “Leo” Flanagan ✶ Tyler Kline ✶ Winifred Brown ✶ Zipora Schulz

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David Ohlerking born in Omaha, NE, has made Philadelphia one of his stomping grounds, for now, his works are in over a dozen galleries in New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey.

He is co-founder of the Austin Figurative Gallery and Project in Austin, Texas. Ohlerking is a devoted student of Alex Kanevsky and he works exclusively from life, painting near-abstractive figures and cityscapes. He is known for his loose, exaggerated brush strokes and scraping techniques to create a unique texture, working mostly in oil on Masonite.